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MAP Assessment

MAP®, short for Measures of Academic Progress®, is an online assessment tool for personalized learning. K-8 students are assessed 2-3 times a year in Reading, Math & Science. Student’s MAP® scores are not determined by the number of questions answered correctly. Scores are based on the level of difficulty of the questions answered correctly.

Klein ISD’s NWEA MAP Administration

Grade LevelBeginning of Year (BOY)Middle of Year (MOY)End of Year (EOY)
KindergartenMathMath Math
1stMath, ReadingMath Math, Reading
2ndMath, Reading Math Math, Reading
3rdMath, Reading Math, Reading Math, Reading
4th – 8thMath, Reading, ScienceMath, Reading, ScienceMath, Reading, Science
9th *Math, Reading, ScienceMath, Reading, ScienceMath, Reading, Science
* Only 9th grade students at Klein Forest participate in MAP testing.

Beginning of Year: August to October
Middle of Year: November to February
End of Year: March to May

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Updated on October 19, 2021

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