Klein Online FAQs

This frequently asked questions (FAQ) guidance is being provided based on the public health situation as we understand it today. Changes to the public health situation over the course of the year may necessitate changes to this guidance. The district is following TEA public health guidance for schools.

Klein ISD Employees: An employee-specific FAQ is available on KNET or by clicking HERE.

Klein Online Learning

What steps have been taken to improve the readiness for all students to be taught online?
We have made adjustments to our infrastructure and digital resources to ensure optimal setup for Klein Online. With Schoology being our Learning Management System, all courses will have the same folder structure including a folder with tutorials for students on how to login to their device, accessing digital resources, information on Digital Citizenship, request assistance with technical issues,  and navigating Schoology. Additionally, teachers are receiving training to effectively support students with online learning.

What technical improvements have been made to ensure the stability of Schoology?
Schoology is committed to providing a stable environment. They have done the following to date:

  • Tuning our infrastructure to account for the much larger volumes. 
  • Increased monitoring, specifically looking for areas of our site that are seeing performance degradation.  
  • During peak usage period throughout the day, turning off certain resource-intensive processes that have minimal impact on our user. 
  • Implementing specific throttles that allow us to quickly mitigate potential issues in certain features

Will the Klein Online curriculum be consistent with the curriculum used in the face-to-face environment?
Klein Online will have a virtual instructional design but will utilize the same curriculum and similar grading guidelines as face-to-face instruction. Klein Online assignments may look different, but they will address student mastery of the same content and skills as on-campus instruction. The rigor and expectations in both options will be consistent and will be aligned to state standards regardless of the instructional environment.

What will a typical week or day look like for students?
Students will generally follow a typical school day in a virtual environment. Depending on the student and his or her grade level, selected coursework and individual needs, the amount of live instruction versus independent, self-paced learning time may differ from student to student and course to course. Students will complete assignments daily and be expected to access the learning management system (Schoology) daily to engage in learning activities and receive direct instruction from their teachers.

Will lessons be taught live or via pre-recorded video?
Students will have both live instruction with their teachers that include lessons being delivered in real-time in addition to pre-recorded lessons. They may receive instruction in the following ways including, but not limited to: 

  • Live, direct instruction from a teacher in a group setting through video conferencing
  • Authentic student work/assignments with timely and relevant feedback
  • Instructional activities within the Schoology Platform
  • Portfolio tasks and turning in of assignments
  • Assessments
  • Video lessons
  • Project-based learning/assignments
  • Group/partner projects
  • Intervention and enrichment opportunities as appropriate

Lessons will be delivered in a variety of formats. Our expectation is that the majority of lessons will be taught in a live virtual setting, as is consistent with an on-campus student learning experience.

Will assignments be due every day or every week? NEW
Students will have assignments that are due daily and/or weekly at teacher discretion just like face-to-face classrooms. Assignments will be given based on the appropriate rigor level of the content standard as well as course requirements.

How much of the learning will be live instruction versus independent, self-paced learning? NEW
In Klein Online and Klein On-campus, there will be a blend of live teaching and independent, self-paced learning. We believe that optimal learning occurs when students and teachers can engage together and share ideas during a live interaction.

Elementary students will have a developmentally appropriate schedule and have daily check-ins and lessons with their teachers. In PreK-2nd grade, students will not spend as much time online as older students in 3rd-5th grade. Per the guidance of the Texas Education Agency, all PreK-2nd grade students will receive instruction online in an asynchronous format, which is defined as a curricular experience where students engage in the learning materials on their own time, interacting intermittently with the teacher via the computer, other electronic devices, or over the phone.

At the secondary level for students in grades 6-12, similar to an on-campus learning experience, the instruction may include live, direct teaching with some instruction and learning experiences being independent, self-paced assignments as appropriate.

How will the learning in Klein Online be different from at-home learning this past spring? NEW
Klein Online has numerous differences from at-home learning in the spring. Klein Online will be more consistent with the face-to-face instruction delivered to learners on a daily schedule. Teachers will develop their own lessons from the guided, aligned curriculum framework established by our district’s Teaching and Learning Team. Students who receive supplemental services or are in different grades will find that their services are developmentally appropriate. Key aspects of Klein Online include: 

  • Daily attendance is required.
  • Daily/weekly assignments to demonstrate mastery of grade level/course content.
  • Students will be expected to follow the full instructional day plan according to the campus bell schedule and individual teachers’ expectations.                                                                        
  • Content learning and activities will be planned by the teacher to make sure each student receives personalized learning opportunities.                                                                                
  • A mix of pre-recorded videos and real-time virtual lessons. 
  • The same curriculum scope and sequence as students in Klein On-campus.                       
  • Increased rigor and accountability.
  • Daily expectations for learning and progress, not weekly completion grades.
  • Daily engagement with teacher(s) via the Schoology learning management system.
  • Grading guidelines are the same as Klein On-campus and count toward credit and promotion requirements.

How will my child receive feedback in Klein Online? NEW
Feedback from assignment completion and assessment data will be aligned to the feedback of a face-to-face environment. Teachers will engage with students daily during regular school hours. The grading guidelines will be the same online as it would be on-campus. As always, teachers will reach out to students directly through email and parent phone calls as needed to support student learning.

How will Klein Online courses be graded? NEW
Grading for all Klein Online courses will follow the same grading policy as the courses in the on-campus model. According to TEA guidance, the grading policies for remote instruction must be consistent with the District’s grading policies for on-campus assignments.

How will attendance be taken at Klein Online? NEW
Attendance, as always, will be taken daily by the teacher. Students must be logged in through Klein Online and engaged with the teacher to be counted as present.  Teachers will guide students through this process. Student attendance requirements are defined by TEA.

How will my student get extra help when they have questions? NEW
Teachers will respond to student questions as they arise. The students are assigned to teachers just as in an on-campus environment. Teachers will continue to provide multiple opportunities for additional student support. This support could be in the form of additional tutoring and one-to-one instructional opportunities via teacher “office hours” or through a variety of means set by the teacher.

Will there be any kind of training to help guide families on how to best support their students? NEW
Yes, the District will communicate these resources at a later date.

How will enrichment and intervention be handled through Klein Online? NEW
Additional learning opportunities will be provided based on teacher assessment. Teachers can provide enrichment and intervention in the same way they provide initial content instruction, direct student-teacher interaction or prerecorded instruction found in their Schoology course.  

How will testing be handled to prevent cheating in a virtual assessment? NEW
The District is investigating ways to ensure assessment integrity. We expect students to exhibit academic honesty, and we will work toward solutions to ensure this. All Klein ISD-issued devices have a secure, lockdown browser for proctored, online tests. 

In Klein Online, will students still be associated with their home campus? NEW
Yes, each student will continue to be connected to their home campus. Families will continue to receive communication from the campus and will be invited to engage in various virtual activities throughout the year as feasible. 

Who will be my student’s teacher, and will that teacher be from our home campus? NEW
Students will receive instruction from their campus teachers. There may be some rare instances in which students in specialized courses, such as high school CTE courses, could receive instruction from a certified teacher from another school and be in a class with students from across the District.

Can we pick up (borrow) physical textbooks for students who prefer not to read on a computer screen? NEW
Most textbook publishers have moved to online textbooks, which all students have access to through their Dashboard. In elementary school, we do have some consumable books, and the campuses will determine a distribution of these books as needed for students in Klein Online.

Will Klein Online students need to purchase school supplies for the new school year? NEW
Students will need a device and internet access. In addition, some supplies may need to be purchased based on course and grade level.

How will dyslexic students have access to their programming in Klein Online? NEW
The District will provide programmatic options for our dyslexic students to access online aligned to their individual needs.

Will my child be offered Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) opportunities through Klein Online? NEW
As Social Emotional Learning has been a key focus in Klein ISD for several years, we will continue to make SEL a priority for students in all grade levels virtually in Klein Online.

Can students participate in fine arts/PE? NEW
Students will be able to participate in their Fine Arts and/or PE courses by logging in to their Schoology course and virtual instruction link at the designated period and time in their schedule. 

What are we doing with athletics, band, and extracurricular activities? NEW
UIL has postponed all practices, games, and rehearsals until September 7, 2020. As UIL updates their guidance, we will communicate any changes to our families.

What if my child is enrolled in an elective course that is not offered through Klein Online? NEW
Student schedules are always dependent on course enrollment, staffing, and the campus master schedule. If students have selected a course that isn’t offered online or one that causes a conflict in their schedules, they will be contacted individually to work through an alternate schedule.

Will students be able to work ahead and finish coursework at their own pace? NEW
No. The courses are not stand-alone online courses that allow students to work ahead. The courses are virtual and facilitated and taught daily by teachers just as they would be in an on-campus classroom. 

What courses will be offered through Klein Online? NEW
Secondary students (6-12) chose classes for the 20-21 school-year during the course selection process last spring, and Klein ISD will make every effort to honor those selections. We anticipate offering as many courses as possible. Some courses at the secondary level require hands-on or practical experience, and teachers will share expectations with students for completing these requirements. Elementary students will have all of their required coursework assigned to them in the virtual environment. 

Will there be opportunities for students to be screened for Gifted & Talented services? NEW
Yes, students will be screened for GT as appropriate. Processes are being designed to complete testing and families will be notified regarding next steps. 

How will my student get a loaner computer for Klein Online? NEW
Families will also indicate their availability of internet access at home for all students and availability of devices for their elementary-aged student(s), so that the District may plan appropriate support. Secondary students are issued devices through the 1:1 device program as part of our baseline academic programming in Klein ISD.

Will Klein Online be providing meals for students? NEW
Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch will be eligible to receive meals. Our Nutrition and Food Services team is working on plans to provide Klein Online students with meal options that are approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA).  

We are awaiting specific instructions on what waivers will be available for school districts to offer virtual students breakfast and lunch options since this will be a new process for the national breakfast and lunch programs. We do anticipate that waivers will be granted and have begun plans to provide Klein Online students with meal options if desired.  

Will the district be loaning out Laptops/Chromebooks again?
Yes, families with elementary school students have the opportunity to request a device for students to use during Klein Online. Secondary students are issued a Klein device as part of their standard 1-on-1 Klein ISD learning experience.

My Internet is spotty, so my family has trouble learning remotely. What is the district doing to assist with that?
The District network can be accessed from any campus location parking lot. Klein ISD is also exploring other affordable options for WiFi access. 

As a parent, I found it difficult to navigate Schoology so that I could assist my students. What kind of support will the district provide to familiarize parents with this platform?
We are planning video tutorials for families on FamilyNet. Additionally, every Schoology course will contain a folder for families and students with information on how to navigate digital resources. We know it’s important for parents/caregivers to feel comfortable with the online learning environment that our students will be using. If you need additional support, your teacher will be a great first resource, as well as completing a student helpdesk ticket through StudentNet. 

What other support will the district provide to assist with technical questions, such as log-in and password issues?
The Klein ISD Technology Help Desk remains committed to ensuring our students have access to technology. We will provide help desk support with a link for families and students on FamilyNet to receive technical assistance as needed.

Community health data continues to change in our Klein ISD community, and we are continuously monitoring this information and adjusting our plans accordingly. We are sharing these preliminary plans with the understanding that as we get closer to the start of school, plans could change based on conditions.

Updated on January 25, 2021

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